we4biz is a platform where commercial demand and offer meet during B2B marketing events and initiatives.

Professionals and companies can create new contacts and build business relationships by sharing their agenda to organize appointments and collaborating in digital rooms.

How does it work

  • Companies and participants sign up to we4biz
  • Companies promote their events
    Find out how to organize
  • Participants subscribe to events
    Find out how to join
  • Event participants can get in touch right away through the business matching search and their agenda
  • When two people get in touch, they can keep on interacting even after the event has ended

Business matching

Business matching is the moment when two people make a business relationship during an event. Business matching can take place in two ways, at the discretion of the organizer:

  • Bidirectional: participants can do business matching with other participants and with the organizers. In this case, greater freedom leads to more business opportunities.
  • Unidirectional: participants can do business matching with some people only. This mode gives more visibility and increases business opportunities to the organizers event partners

Who is we4biz addressed to

To all companies willing to promote their event by offering a complete business matching service to their participants and to promote it and analyze its statistics with an extremely easy to use panel.

Our offer