Dedicated advisors

At we4biz we are well aware of the needs of organizing an event. For this reason and thanks to the support of Img Internet which has been operating in digital communication for over 20 years, we provide a team of experts who will be able to support you in promoting a successful event.

Web marketing, websites and landing pages

We create high quality DEM and graphic templates for you to invite your contacts. All our realizations are always easy to consult on a smartphone and PC.

The goal of a website or landing page is to better communicate the event. For this reason, whatever your need, we satisfy it with Kali, an innovative and easy to use platform, the same one that runs we4biz. Thanks to this choice, we will concentrate with you more on the communication aspect because development times are extremely short.

All our sites integrate the we4biz event registration widget to ensure ease of use by participants.

Advertising campaigns

If you need guidance in defining your campaigns, we'll guide you to optimize your advertising investments on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. This mode does not use the automatic promotion system that you always have available but you will be supported by a consultant who will advise you on the best choices to make.

Ad hoc applications

Do you need to choose the location of a stand at the fair? Do you want to integrate a CRM with we4biz? For all special requests, you can refer to our team that will implement the right technological solution to meet the most complex needs, we do not set limits.