Promote your event

Reach the participants by promoting the event in three ways:

  • Inside the platform, to reach the whole we4biz community
  • Use automated campaigns to launch Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram campaigns, managing them from one easy-to-use panel
  • Invite participants to your private events by filling out a mailing list. we4biz will take care of distributing the tickets and collecting the consents


Keep participants' attention focused on your event by communicating with them via DEM. Enter the code of the mail and program the sending. we4biz will handle the sending with MailUp certified servers.

The event page also becomes an editorial channel where you can post articles and other contents.

Analyze the statistics

Keep track of all the activities related to your event through a specialized panel. You can analyze the interest in the event by looking into the visits and the time spent on the page, the acceptance, the consents, the ROI of marketing campaigns.

The administration panel allows you to check all these metrics quickly and easily.

The day after

Your event data is available even after it is finished and you can consult it whenever you want. Use them to design communication plans and organize marketing campaigns for participants, both for future editions and for other events.